format : dispositif

International symposium, 8-10 June, 2022, University of Zurich

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The international symposium is an attempt to systematically relate “format” and “dispositif” as theoretical concepts that address film and other media as heterogenous ensembles in terms of knowledge hierarchies and power structures. Both concepts have participated in radically opening the disciplines to new objects and dimensions of research, and they have had an important impact on the profound epistemological shifts that have transformed the disciplines. However, a critical evaluation of the relatedness of the two concepts, along with their significant divergence and theoretical legacies, has not yet been undertaken.

With contributions by Dalida María Benfield, Philipp Blum, Miriam De Rosa, Congle Fu, Carla Gabrí, Marcus Held, Frank Kessler, Birte Kleine-Benne, Isabel Krek, Fabienne Liptay, Volker Pantenburg, Tobias Schönrock, Jonathan Sterne, Maria Tortajada, Stéphane Tralongo, Benoît Turquety, Axel Volmar, Michael Wagnières, Haidee Wasson, Siegfried Zielinski.

The symposium is part of the interuniversity doctoral program “Visual Dispositives: Film, Photography, and Other Media” (UZH & UNIL) and the SNSF project “Exhibiting Film: Challenges of Format”. It is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Graduate School of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UZH.